“Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.”

How is it so easy to talk about your flaws and insecurities?

Sometimes it feels like the more and more I appreciate and accept myself – which is a hell of a challenge all by itself – the harder it gets to connect with people. It feels like you’re stepping outside of this comfort zone, this zone of socially desired self-consciousness.

We can all talk about how unhappy we are with our bodies, how miserable we and unlucky we are; how everything is just not going our way.

But who ever talks about being happy with the person they have become? Or better how often do we hear somebody saying that they feel totally comfortable with how and who they are? Knowing that they are not perfect, nor their body, but still being okay and loving themselves.

How can we all bask in our flaws and imperfections and not celebrate who we are?


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